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Saemsori was founded in 2006 as a project of the Eugene Bell Foundation.




Korean American Divided Families Database
재미동포 이산가족 데이터베이스

Paper Application

To submit a paper application, please download one of the forms below and mail or fax to The Saemsori Project.
아래에 있는 신청서를 다운 받았어 샘소리 프로젝트로 우편이나 팩스로 보내주십시요.

The Saemsori Project
207 C Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Tel: (202) 683-4066       
Fax: (202) 543-2390

Download English Application Here

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Online Application

To submit an electronic application, please follow one of the links below.
샘소리 신청서를 아랫 링크를 따라 온라인으로 접수 하실수도 있읍니다.

Submit an online English application

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